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Starting Pay – Training Wage begins at $13.00 per hour

Commission Advancement – After specific competency levels are achieved, this compensation tier is production oriented resulting in significantly higher pay. Usually $15.00-20.00 per hour

Senior Status – Beyond the Commission Level, Senior Status is reserved for those who show strong reliability, responsibility and outstanding quality consciousness.  Additional 10% of commission.

Management Opportunities – Entry through mid-level management compensated through salary based on responsibilities.

Bonus – Significant bonuses are awarded throughout the year to individuals who contribute above and beyond to the profitability of the company.


Eligibility- After twelve months of full-time employment.


Paid Holidays

July 4 , Thanksgiving and Christmas.

$100 each day.


Vacation Days

5 Days after ONE YEAR

10 Days after THREE YEARS.

 MUST be used each calendar year.  First come, first scheduled based on crew’s ability to cover schedule. $100 per day.


Retirement – PWI will match your contributions to an IRA one dollar for one dollar up to a maximum PWI contribution of $500.


Health Insurance

Group Plan available through BCBS. PWI will pay one hundred dollars of the employee’s share of the premium. Covers employee only.


Dental Insurance

PWI will pay one hundred percent of premium.**


Vision Insurance -

PWI will pay one hundred percent of premium.**


Life Insurance -

PWI will pay one hundred percent of premium.**

 - minimum of $10,000 coverage.

*Deductibles, co-pay, etc. are employee responsibility.

**Dental, Vison, and Life Insurance are covered for those participating in Health Insurance.

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