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Environmental Compliance

When our company was founded in 1989, the concept of wastewater reclamation and treatment was just beginning to take shape.  We were the second company in the state of Tennessee to be awarded a reclamation permit.  Through our work with federal, state and local government agencies, we have not only maintained full compliance for our customers, but have helped shape the direction for our industry to meet the goals to keep the waters of our nation clean for generations to come.


We invest many resources to insure that you have a fully compliant, no risk or liability wash service.  Some of the National Chains promote themselves as being environmentally compliant, yet only satisfy that need on paper. 


There is no substitute for having actual company owners and long term managers on job sites to guarantee 100% follow through.  Our management has over seventy years of combined experience at Pressure Wash, Inc.  Our employees care and are goal oriented for a long term partnership with your company.


If you want the peace of mind of having your environmental compliance needs served by long term professionals who have integrity and local interest at heart, then please allow us the opportunity to serve you.

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